Daniel Fortin – ‘Brinks’

It’s difficult not to pay immediate attention to Michael Davidson’s vibraphone’s on the new album from bassist Daniel Fortin, Brinks. The tone is so clear, so complimentary, so constructive. It’s a tone that fits perfectly alongside David French’s tenor saxophone and Fabio Ragnelli’s drums. It’s a tone that fits well because Fortin’s compositions throughout the album are sharp, clever, have depth, take journeys, yet never veer so far into uncomfortable territory. Yes, in his debut album as a leader, Daniel Fortin has made a quite good collection of songs with this quartet in Brinks.

Fortin is the bassist for the trio Myraid3, a group out of Canada that has been garnering great respect and praise lately. Their latest, The Where, has gained plaudits and is quite the respectable album. Now, with Fortin as a leader, one can see what he as a composer can do. The playful energy remains in songs like “So As To” and “Smithereen”. These songs are certainly not straight ahead. They’re in the modern jazz tradition of doing something different, of playing with the form of composition, and being something new. Brinks certainly fits that bill.

David French – tenor saxophone
Michael Davidson – vibraphone
Daniel Fortin – bass
Fabio Ragnelli – drums
Recorded by Sam Ibbett at The Canterbury Music Company
Mixed by Sam Ibbett
Mastered by Peter J. Moore at The E-Room
Artwork by Jared Raab
Executive producer: Jordi Pujol

Daniel Fortin’s Brinks is out September 8 on Fresh Sound New Talent. You can buy it on iTunes.