Creator Ensemble – Live in New Orleans, April 26, 2016

Makaya McCraven, Robert Walter, Marco Benevento, Cochemea, and Tim LeFebvre coming together to play some Coltrane, Yusef Lateef, Pharoah Sanders, Gil-Scott Heron, and Nina Simone jams? Sure thing – count on the good folks over at Funk It Blog to bring it to you. The combination of Benevento on piano and Walter on Rhodes and keyboards sounds some kind of lovely to these ears, and McCraven’s drumming constantly pushes this whole set forward. The Creator Ensemble is a rotating cast that has played at least a few shows together, tending toward a jamband feel with some serious chops in the mix. This is clearly no exception, with the band stretching out on each of these tunes and finding the groove in each one. Check out the video after the jump, and read up on the show and find a link to the full download over at Funk It Blog.

Creator Ensemble – April 26, 2016 at Blue Nile, New Orleans
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