Austin Peralta Memorial Concert – “Nothing Personal” (Video)

This past November marked the second anniversary of the passing of pianist/keyboardist Austin Peralta. The young musician who was very much coming into his own with a style remembered quite fondly to this day. So to celebrate his life, a bunch of his friends had a memorial concert at Los Angeles’ Blue Whale (where Peralta had his last performance before passing away in his sleep). Now video from that night has appeared with a group of Ruslan Sirota on piano, Ben Shepherd on bass, Virgil Donati on drums, and Zane Musa on saxophone who just died early last month. In fact, this was the last time Ruslan ever played with Musa, giving this performance even more poignancy to match its power. Watch this quartet play a fiery take on the Don Grolnick composition, “Nothing Personal” after the jump.

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