“Working Musician”, a 7 Episode Web Series (Video)

I’ve always been curious as to how up-and-coming jazz musicians survived in the chaos that is New York City. After spending some time there a year or so ago, I was shocked at the exorbitant prices and the constant buzzing of the populace bordering on insanity at times. I figured this would make for a fascinating reality show, or a documentary if you wanted to keep it formal. Well this is exactly what “Working Musician”, a 7 episode web series by filmmaker Joe Rubenstein aspires to be. “Working Musician” provides us with a glimpse into the daily life of saxophonist Alex LoRe over a four month period leading up to the release of his first album. Featuring live performances at some of New York’s finest venues and appearances by co-conspirators Jonathan Ragonese, Lucas Pino, Colin Stranahan, Desmond White, and Glenn Zaleski, “Working Musician” has us salivating at the potential awesomeness. Two episodes have been released to date. You can watch episode 1 below. The rest of the series will continue “airing” every Thursday until December 8th.

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/k2ML2CXNC2A?rel=0&showinfo=0″/]