Telegram to Jazz

Dear Jazz, STOP

Ease up some. STOP.

Your tendency to wear your heart on your sleeve at every shirk and insult has gotten off-putting. STOP.
Every negative comment about you doesn’t require getting up in arms. STOP.
Don’t get in fights on the internet. STOP.
No one wins in fights on the internet. STOP.
Let other people’s foolishness abide sometimes in the silence it so duly deserves. STOP.
Getting trolled is rather unbecoming. STOP.

Your fear of yourself, your cleaving of your past, and your conflict in moving forward are contradictions that outsiders just don’t get. STOP.

Not everyone is going to like you. STOP.
You need to be okay with that. STOP.
No one is all things to all people, no matter how hard we try. STOP.
Your fading visage does not mean the sky is falling. STOP.
People are saying the same thing about rock music nowadays. STOP.

The arts are a struggle and the sooner you face that, the better. STOP.
You are a precious unique snowflake in the same way we all are precious unique snowflakes. STOP.
Just because the Inuits have a multitude of words for snow does not mean it stops being snow. STOP.
Snow melts. STOP. It becomes water. STOP.
It gets cold again. STOP. It becomes snow again. STOP.

Stop being afraid of who you are. STOP.
Stop thinking your name is what’s putting people off. STOP.
Stop forgetting the internet hasn’t changed everything. STOP.
Stop fighting and figuring out how to adapt; you used to be really good at that. STOP.
Stop revering the past so much that you’re no good to the present. STOP.
Stop revering the past so much that you’re blind to the future. STOP.

Keep up your great commission. STOP.
Go ye therefore, jam all nations. STOP.
Don’t go anywhere; hang in there. STOP.
We’ll figure this thing out. STOP.

Tell Wynton I said hi; tell Nicholas he’s still wrong.