Sound Prints – ‘Live at Monterey Jazz Festival’

Sound Prints, the quintet co-led by trumpeter Dave Douglas and saxophonist Joe Lovano, will be releasing its debut album, Live at Monterey Jazz Festival, on April 7. Douglas and Lovano are joined by Linda Oh on bass, Lawrence Fields on piano, and Joey Baron on drums. Along with two originals each from Douglas and Lovano, the band takes on two newly written tunes from Wayne Shorter, “Destination Unknown” and “To Sail Beyond the Sunset”, that were written specifically for this band. Live at Monterey Jazz Festival captures the first public performances of the Shorter tunes and the excitement that comes with playing these tunes for an audience that included the composer. It’s only appropriate that Sound Prints would put together this Shorter-influenced set, as the band’s name is a nod to Shorter’s classic tune “Footprints”. Check out some performances from the band in 2012 after the jump.

“Power Ranger”
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“Sound Prints”
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Live at Monterey Jazz Festival Track List:
1. Sound Prints (Joe Lovano)
2. Sprints (Dave Douglas)
3. Destination Unknown (Wayne Shorter)
4. To Sail Beyond The Sunset (Shorter)
5. Weatherman (Lovano)
6. Power Ranger (Douglas)