Soulive – ‘Cinematics Vol. 1’

Soulive, the trio of drummer Alan Evans, guitarist Eric Krasno, and keyboardist Neal Evans, is back with their first album in six years, and their easing their way back with a little bit of mood music. Cinematics Vol. 1 is quick five-song EP described as a “series of soundtracks for the movies of your mind”. This is most certainly the fact, making a soulful, not to flashy jam with a sweeping feel that certainly should be supporting a good many dramatic moments.

The music has a kind of quality to it where it rewards attention but could easily be the background where other things in life can come to the fore. It feels like a groove-centric dipping of a toe in the water that moves into a two-step that transforms into the Cha-Cha Slide. It’s good to have them back.

Cinematics Vol. I, the new EP from Soulive, is out now.

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