‘Slim Bone Head Volt, Vol. 2’

Slim Bone Head Volt is the collaborative project of composer/pianist/violinist/violaist Dana Lyn and writer/actor Vincent D’Onofrio. It’s an odd project, a curious project. It’s also kind of amazing, which is why they’re releasing a second album tomorrow after their 2015 debut. Lyn has written and arranged fascinating, propulsive, inventive music. Whether for the triumphant “Pilot Wolf”, the bluesy “I’m A Guppy” (almost a la Tom Waits), or the riotously awesome “I’m A Mule”, Lyn has a lot of different musical ideas that sound weird and great and weirdly great. Yet this range of swirling notions comes together to meet Vincent D’Onofrio’s journal of thoughts, and he has a lot of them and a fantastic voice for spoken word.

This is the second release from this group which also features Mike McGinnis on clarinet and tenor sax, Peter Hess on alto and baritone sax, Kyle Sanna on guitar and effects, Geoff Kraly on bass, and Vinnie Sperrazza on drums. Together again, they sound fantastic, a unit of artists adding their strengths. This is definitely clear with Sperrazza’s drumming– energetic, hypnotic in the midst of moments of chaos. Kyle Sanna can rile on the guitar, like he does through much of this album, or soothe, like he does on “Men Are Sweet Too”.

Last month was both jazz and poetry appreciation months. To hear this actor reveal his personal journals like this, rending his heart and spouting his mind, never failing to entertain with his voice alone, works on its own but once again, we have a collection of songs under the crafting of Dana Lyn to meld these monologues into spoken word. Something more lofty and beautiful is happening here, but that doesn’t matter so much. Altogether, this is compelling to listen to, this is art that grabs at the ears and pulls feelings out.

Slim Bone Head Volt, Vol. 2, the second album from the NYC group head by Dana Lyn and Vincent D’Onofrio, is out tomorrow, May 4th, with an album release party at New York‘s Joe’s Pub.

Text by Vincent D’Onofrio
Music by Dana Lyn
mixed and mastered by Mike Fossenkemper at Turtletone Studios
Produced by Dana Lyn and Billy Martin

Vincent D’Onofrio, vox
Dana Lyn, piano/violin/viola
Mike McGinnis, clarinet and tenor sax
Peter Hess, alto and bari sax
Kyle Sanna, guitar
Geoff Kraly, bass
Vinnie Sperrazza, drums
Clara Kennedy, cello on track 7