SFJAZZ Collective – “111” (Stream)

The SFJAZZ Collective which currently features Miguel Zenon, Sean Jones, Dávid Sanchez, Robin Eubanks, Matt Penman, Edward Simon, Warren Wolf and Obed Calvaire are set to release their 2017 album, Music of Miles Davis & Original Compositions. One of those original compositions is from drummer Obed Calvaire– the shifty, punchy “111”. As he notes about the song, “In the process of writing this tune I would myself looking at the clock at 1:11pm, 1:11am and 5:55pm, 5:55am. I thought that was really unique, and I composed my tune with that in mind. 1+1+1=3. The tune is in 3, and the bridge section consists of groupings of 5 over 3. Hope you enjoy!” We hope you enjoy as well as you check out the song after the jump.