Portico Set to Release ‘Living Fields’ (Stream)

Sadly the Portico Quartet is no more. The band has dropped a member yet Duncan Bellamy, Milo Fitzpatrick and Jack Wyllie are continuing their musical adventures under the moniker Portico. Like a phoenix reborn from its ashes, Portico is now exploring new and foreign territories with a foray into electronic music. The band is set to release their debut as a trio, entitled Living Fields, under the famed Ninja Tune label March 30th. The album features singers Jono McCleery, Joe Newman (Alt-J) and Jamie Woon which bring depth to the spacey and trippy sounds of Portico. Even though the Portico Quartet was never truly a jazz band, Portico has even further distanced itself from the genre, which is not necessarily a bad thing, just a new direction for the band. Albeit electronic music, Living Fields is seriously good electronic music made by real musicians and talented ones at that. Stream 5 tracks from the 9 track album below the jump and see for yourself.