Petros Klampanis’ Rooftop Stories Video Series

Bassist/composer Petros Klampanis is a superbly talented musician with quite the mind for arrangement. His last album, Chroma, certainly is proof of that. Yet little else really displays arranging prowess quite like one person and a looping pedal. Klampanis managed to combine his, his world travels, and good cinematography to create his Rooftop Stories, Klampanis’ video series where he makes a song with just his voice, his bass, and a looping pedal on the rooftop of a building in Athens, Greece, London, England, Havana, Cuba, or Tel Aviv, Israel. At least those are the spots he’s featured so far. They’re pretty fantastic videos. Check them out in after the jump.

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Chroma, the latest album from bassist/composer/arranger Petros Klampanis, is out now.