Petros Klampanis Trio – “Chroma” Live in Berlin (Video)

Bassist Petros Klampanis released a mighty fine album back in 2017, Chroma. It was a lovely addition to a steadily impressive body of work. While he’s preparing to tour through some European dates this summer and putting together songs for a new album soon, he just released a video of a live performance from Berlin alongside pianist Kristjan Randalu and percussionist Bodek Janke. Check out the very fun “Chroma” below.

Petros Klampanis: bass, composition
Kristjan Randalu: piano
Bodek Janke: drums, percussion

Petros Kolotouros: camera, direction, editing
Alkistis Kafetzi, Spiros Evaggelatos: camera
Petros Klampanis: sound mixing & mastering

Recorded Live in Berlin, on April 5, 2019 at ‘silent green Kulturquartier’.
Produced by ΠΚmusic © 2019