New Rotem Sivan Trio Album

Guitarist Rotem Sivan is one of those musicians who can surprise. His For Emotional Use Only with his trio with Haggai Cohen Milo on bass and Mark McLean on drums last year took turns that could sound a bit like a Pat Metheny album, a bit like George Benson, but pleasant all through in interesting ways. Now Sivan is looking to keep things going with his upcoming new album to release later this year, this time with Colin Stranahan on drums to round out the trio. Check out the EPK video for the album (for which Sivan has yet to announce a title) and a few songs from the upcoming release, set to drop later this year after the jump.

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Like the previous album, Sivan is holding to the trio form to take a combination of original compositions and a cover or two to new heights. The version of “Angel Eyes” here has a kind of tension builds and releases through Milo’s bass and explodes perfectly once Sivan dives in.

Angel Eyes
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Yet it’s Sivan’s charming compositions that make him such a winning musician. His tunes sound like sunshine, and it’s through carefully made carefree instrumentation that provide the shade a breeze to round out this kind of atmosphere.

Daniel Wright’s vocals on “Almond Tree” provide an extra bit of calm that this group establishes.
“Almond Tree”
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Keep an eye out for the upcoming album from the Rotem Sivan Trio to release tentatively later this year.