Mehliana – “Just Call Me Nige (Live)” (Video)

The superduo of Brad Mehldau, likely one of the most influential jazz pianists of our time, and Mark Guiliana, hands down one of the best drummers around, are soon to release their new album, Taming the Dragon, February 15 on the Nonesuch label. The album marks new territory for Mehldau who spent much of last year touring with Guiliana while playing assorted keyboards and exploring new sounds, and the two certainly sound comfortable together. It’s a pairing that makes a whole lot of sense and makes the anticipation for the album all the stronger. To get a taste of what this is all about, check out the new video of Mehliana performing “Just Call Me Nige” live at Los Angeles’ famed Largo back in October of last year after the jump.

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Taming the Dragon drops February 15.

Also, if you haven’t had the chance, watch another video of the two performing “Hungry Ghost” live from the same show at Largo.
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