Mark Guiliana’s Vic Firth Performance Spotlight (Video)

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Over the years, Mark Guiliana has acquired a formidable pedigree making him one of our favorite drummers on the scene today. Aside from work with his own band, Beat Music, and the now defunct Heernt, Guiliana has been a co-conspirator to the fabled Brad Mehldau in their Mehliana project as well as a full-fledged member of Jason Lindner’s Now vs. Now and Donny McCaslin’s band.

This is without mentioning his prolonged stint with bassist Avishai Cohen and his cameo on Phronesis’ Alive! as well as the rest of his work as a sideman for various other artists.

Watch a new video of Guiliana in action revisiting “Locked in a Basement” and “Make Me Dance”, from his days with Heernt, for Vic Firth below the jump.