Kassa Overall – ‘Drake It Till You Make It’ EP (Stream)

The multi-talented Kassa Overall keeps busy and keeps finding ways to meld all those various talents in his works. His latest effort, the four-song EP Drake It Till You Make It, combines Kass’ love of hip hop and jazz (and continuously reminding folks in the jazz world that yes, Kass is still drumming and he’s still putting in work); providing his take on Snoop, Kanye, and, of course, Drake; and bringing in compatriots trumpeter Theo Croker, bassist Dominic Missana, pianist Julius Rodriguez, pianist Aaron Parks, and saxophonist Anthony Ware. It’s a rather cool project definitely worth checking out, and very much a Kassa Overall production. Stream “Sensual Seduction” featuring Theo Croker after the jump before the whole thing is available tomorrow at Kassa’s SoundCloud for the EP release show at NYC‘s Nublu 151 (151 Avenue C in the East Village).