John Raymond & Real Feels – “Joy Ride”

Trumpeter John Raymond has been leading Real Feels, his band comprised of guitarist Gilad Hekselman and drummer Colin Stranahan, for over four year now. The trio is set to drop Joy Ride, their sophomore album, February 9th on Sunnyside Records. The majority of the music on Joy Ride was written during a self-imposed, month-long retreat in which Raymond spent hours composing each day. Among the priorities for the music was Raymond’s desire to connect to his listeners, so rather than compose “heady” or complex songs, he focused on simplifying and writing music that people could sing along to. You can stream a live version of the title track, “Joy Ride”, below. Joy Ride, the album, drops February 9th on Sunnyside and is available to pre-order now at you favorite online retailers.

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