Joe Tatton Trio – ‘Bang Bang Boogaloo’

In 2016, finding music on bandcamp is the new digging in the crates. All the more appropriate, then, to come across Joe Tatton’s new two-track single (available as a 45rpm record and digitally), sounding like something unearthed from 1960. It’s labeled as the Joe Tatton trio, but I checked the math and both tracks feature five musicians. The core trio of Tatton on piano, Neil Innes on bass, and Sam Hobbs on drums are supplemented by Pete Williams and Danny Templeman on percussion for “Bang Bang Boogaloo”, and by Chris Dawkins on guitar and Steve Parry on brass for “Sunday Shade”. Both tracks very much bring the heat, but as I’m replaying “Sunday Shade” for the third time in a row now, I’d say the B-side wins here. Check out both tracks after the jump.