JJA Talking Jazz Webinar: New Online Jazz Publications

Some time ago, Howard Mandel of the Jazz Journalists Association asked me to speak on a panel online as part of their ongoing Talking Jazz webinar series to speak about Nextbop @ Art of Cool as a new voice in the online jazz landscape alongside Giovanni Russonello of CapitalBop and Danilo Navas of LatinJazzNet. After a month of resolving technical issues (the largest of which was my busted laptop and the intermittent nature that is Clear’s internet service), we held the webinar live last Wednesday, April 23. The discussion broached many topics about journalism, the various experiences of running a blog, where the genre is going, and many other issues about the scene (along with a few of my various gripes that I endure in this gig, love it though I do). Check out our hour and a half discussion wherein I code switch often, listen in to the party I’m not at going on outside the room at the time, make various jokes that possibly fall flat, and have a security guard throw me out of said room (everyone else was fun to talk with, too). Watch the talk after the jump.