Jazz and Hip-Hop Collective QNA Drops New Single “Karoshi”

NYC jazz and hip-hop collective QNA are set to drop their sophomore effort, XII, this month. The band, comprised of MC Supe, vocalist Marina Espinet, saxophonist Benjamin Chin, guitarist TJ Adorno, keyboardist Zaven Embree, bassist Dylan Kaminkow, and drummer Marco Gill, brings us intelligent and mature verses augmented by real instrumental musicians and the freedom of improvised music. Wise beyond their years, QNA have their whole future ahead of them to make their mark and we’re pretty sure we’ll be writing about them for years to come. So if you wanna take the red pill and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes, check out QNA’s new single “Karoshi”, the Japanese word for “death from overwork”, below the jump. With this track, QNA aims to free us from the grind and leave us, the listener, feeling enlightened and empowered.