Introducing French Trio ONEFOOT

Shots fired in Paris. ONEFOOT, the trio comprised of keyboardist Yessaï Karapetian, bassist Marc Karapetian and drummer Matthieu Font, is rapidly making a name for itself in the Old Continent with appearances at several major festivals in France. With a fresh and novel style borrowing as much from jazz than from video game music by way of 80’s electronica and modern post-dubstep, ONEFOOT will simply melt your brain (hashtag mind blown). The young Frenchmen just dropped their debut album, Mektonized, unabashedly throwing all reason and convention out of the window. There are trailblazers and then there are trailblazers on crack. ONEFOOT is surely part of the latter. For a foray into their pleasantly addictive universe, check out the title track off Mektonized below. You can stream the album on Bandcamp.

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