Glenn White – ‘Quirk’ EP

Saxophonist Glenn White does everything right in his new EP, Quirk. It’s an album with a modernist slant, with twists and turns aplenty that gather and hold attention. It does a lot in a half hour.

The electronic touches on the drums in opener “Beeblebrox” take some getting used to, but White soars above and proves himself an interesting player. He eases into the angular contrasts he’s playing. The bounce in these songs help it along. Bassist Gary Wang and drummer Chris Benham compliment the rhythm with some snap. Guitarist Colin Sapp makes his presence known on the three tracks on which he appears, while Nitzan Gavrieli plays the Rhodes with an elegant grace that glistens.

Everything works with “Gretchen’s Wedding March”. It’s a gorgeous song, grand, elegant, even somber in places. It’s Andy Bianco is here on guitar gliding, painting broad strokes behinds this sweeping playing. It all comes together here. It’s kind of perfect. Bianco also practically tingles on “Mr. Zo”. Closer “Everybody Loves a Doughnut” is a catchy tune almost encapsulating its title, as delectable as the desert.

This is an interesting EP. It’s of its time. It’s a little group of songs well put together. It’s another group of cats from New York you should probably know, but hey, you really ought to know them. Glenn White put together a new EP, he did everything right. It’s a nice half hour listen that sounds fresh of 2010s New York. That’s pretty damn cool.

Quirk, the new EP from saxophonist Glenn White, is available in autographed CD and digital format at his BandCamp.

Glenn White – saxophone
Andy Bianco – guitar (3, 4)
Colin Sapp – guitar (1, 2, 5)
Nitzan Gavrieli – Rhodes
Gary Wang – bass
Chris Benham – drums.

©2015 Sonisphere Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.
All compositions by Glenn White.