Felix Pastorius Social Experiment at 2015 NAMM Bass Bash (Video)

Last week, we posted a set from the Felix Pastorius Social Experiment live in New York at APAP. It was a cool set and Felix Pastorius on bass with Chris Ward on saxophone in any configuration are always something to hear. So video of Pastorius, Ward, and drummer Kenny Grohowski performing last week in California while in town for the National Association of Music Merchants conference (which had every musician you know out on the West Coast hanging out and playing jams with new gear) is just what the doctor ordered. This trio set is a real potboiler, and it’s honestly really cool to hear a Pastorius play “(Used to Be a) Cha-Cha” again. That and the closer, “Prime”, is a sneak thief, grabbing your attention before you ever realized you had given it over completely. Check out video of their set after the jump.

[arve url=”//www.youtube.com/embed/videoseries?list=PLjNUuH3e42y1LxFeVSS-WwCCHwy25Yza-“/]

“First and Last”
“(Used to Be a) Cha-Cha”

Felix Pastorius, Bass
Chris Ward, Sax
Kenny Grohowksi, Drums

Video work by Drew Murphy