Erykah Badu Drops ‘FEEL BETTER, WORLD! LOVE, MS.BADU’ Mixtape (Stream)

Let’s face it, life isn’t always easy. Many of us struggle to make a decent living and have to deal with the daily hardships dealt to us. On top of that we are faced with the atrocities showcased in the news which prove that our society and way of life is deeply ailing. In light of some of the recent events which happened in the US, Erykah Badu decided to drop a mixtape entitled FEEL BETTER, WORLD! … LOVE, MS.BADU along with the following message: “ALL OVER THE GLOBE…KEEP WALKING TALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS. SOMEDAY WE WILL ALL BE FREE. THE WORLD IS IN NEED OF HEALING…. I CAREFULLY AND LOVINGLY SELECTED HIGH FREQUENCY TONES FOR THE SOUL…. PLEASE LISTEN FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. LOVE, ms. badu”. Check out the 1h30 set below the jump which is an ode to Soul, Jazz & Funk.