Bryn Roberts and Lage Lund – “Amaryllis” (Video)

Pianist Bryn Roberts just released a new album alongside guitarist Lage Lund called Hide the Moon and Stars. Their lead single and video recorded from the studio, “Amaryllis”, is a sweet tune, lilting and relaxing. It’s practically a lullaby, a ballad of softness that’s perfect for the fall and a perfect encapsulation for an album that progresses in the same bent. Roberts and Lund fit together well, complimenting their softer tendencies and making pleasantly beautiful music. This is calming, relaxing music and “Amaryllis” is a great foot forward for what to expect with this album. Check out the video below.

Hide the Moon and Stars, the new duo album from pianist Bryn Roberts and guitarist Lage Lund, is out now. You can buy it on iTunes.