Braxton Cook – “When You Hold Me” (Video)

One of the delights of last year was Braxton Cook’s latest album, No Doubt, a self-released collection of songs that meld all the best qualities of jazz and R&B into a jam that can make folks in Generation Jones reflexively ask young folk “what you know about all that?!”. It’s pretty great. To keep its dopeness on your mind, Cook just released a music video of him performing the song “When You Hold Me” live in an apartment, no frills… except for all the frills of such a jamming performance. Check out the video below.

Braxton Cook – Alto Saxophone, Vocals
Lucas Kadish – Guitar
Taber Gable – Piano, Keyboard
Henoc Montes – Bass
Curtis Nowosad – Drums

Mixing & Audio Recording Engineer: Abhita Austin
Videographer & Editor: Jamel Love

No Doubt, the latest album from saxophonist/vocalist Braxton Cook, is out now.