Brandon Seabrook’s ‘Needle Driver’

Guitarist Brandon Seabrook’s new album, Needle Driver, is quick and dirty. It could hardly be classified as a jazz album, but we’re going out on a limb and saying it is anyway. The combination of Seabrook with drummer Allison Miller alongside bassist Johnny Deblase are making something more akin to instrumental metal, but it’s still a five-song collection of songs melding improvisation and structure that will turn heads.

It’s a quick burst of energy, these songs. Allison Miller has always had a steady hand, and this mix of rock and jazz elements are an exceptional use of her abilities. Seabrook, who has been weird for a minute but has really let that side show this year, is playing his guitar in every possible direction and he’s bringing Deblase along with him on bass. Together, they’re a madcap trio whose songs are wrapped up long before you tire of them. It’s really that brief an album, so brief “rewards repeat listens” is by no means a cliche. Needle Driver is certainly one of those albums just worth a listen, no matter one’s proclivities.

Brandon Seabrook -Guitar
Allison Miller – Drums
Johnny Deblase – Bass

Brandon Seabrook’s Needle Driver is out now on Nefarious Industries.