Blacks’ Myths – ‘s/t’

Washington, DC, duo Blacks’ Myths are hypnotically gripping. In five compositions (three of considerable length), the pair are exploring the realm of ambient music, Afrobeat, drone, and jazz, finding ways to be charmingly weird. Bassist Luke Stewart and drummer Warren G. “Trae” Crudup III are the rhythm section of saxophonist James Brandon Lewis’ trio, and they certainly show all kinds of range with that configuration. However, on their own, it’s fascinating to hear how their inclinations is to stretch out their ideas as far as they can go, to fully inhabit a groove like riding out an acid trip through all its twists and turns. This album is Steward and Crudup unhinged for almost 45 minutes and it’s far too cool not to revisit. It’s literally a drum & bass album, at a top notch one at that. Check out their debut album, out now on Atlantic Rhythms, after the jump.

Blacks’ Myths self-titled debut album is out now on Atlantic Rhythms.

Luke Stewart – bass
Warren G. “Trae” Crudup III – drums

Recorded by Mattson Ogg
Mastered by Sean McCann