Ben Wendel – “Stars Fell on Alabama” (Video)

Ah, the overdubbed Brady Bunch video. They’re the internet’s way of saying I’m-a-one-person-musical-badass. One can do these sorts of overdubs live or in audio recording, but this way has that extra dimension to it. (Hey, it’s how the world first fell for Jacob Collier.) Ben Wendel has made a couple of these takes on jazz standards (he also made one for “Monk’s Mood”) and he’s certainly a musical badass in all manner of reed instrument. He, however, may not have enough shirts to keep doing these videos, he so claims. Nevertheless, he’s doing this to try something new and in part to drum up attention in the new year to the new moves he’s making like his Seasons Tour with Aaron Parks, Gilad Hekselman, Matt Brewer, Eric Harland, Henry Cole and Kendrick Scott, starting with a week at New York’s Village Vanguard from February 27th to March 4th and an assortment of dates after that. Check out his arrangement of “Stars Fell on Alabama” after the jump.

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NYC (VILLAGE VANGUARD): Feb 27th to March 4th

WASHINGTON DC (Blues Alley): March 8th

PHILADELPHIA (Chris Jazz Cafe): March 9th

BOSTON (w/Anat Cohen Tentet, Musical Director Oded Lev-Ari @Sanders Theater): March 10th

ST. LOUIS (The Ready Room): March 15th

INDIANAPOLIS (Jazz Kitchen): March 16th

CHICAGO (Constellation): March 17th

WINTER PARK (Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts): March 18th

TALLAHASSEE (Opperman Music Hall): March 19th