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Libstems - 'Daydream Sounds'

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

It's always amazing to learn how well esteemed jazz is in Japan. It's even moreso to learn how many have such great chops at the American invention. When one thinks about some of the great groups from that country, Libstems would definitely make that list. The quartet of bassist Keisuke Furuki, pianist Shunsuke Sawada , guitarist Yosuke Wada, and drummer Yosuke Nagayama have been together since 2008 and have grown together to release their excellent debut album, Daydream Sounds.

It's an album with a great energy to it. These four sound quite spirited and exhibit great chops. It's frankly more inspired than some American releases around. It's sure to surprise you. Check out a sampler mix of the album after the jump.

Daydream Sounds is available now on iTunes and Amazon.