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The British are coming!!!


Here's a little heads up of what we got for you next week (this is really just an excuse to put up this Kate Moss pic).

SOOO. Next week, we're putting up a ton of new music by British Nextboppers [Phronesis] (who now features Mark Guiliana of [Heernt] and [Now vs. Now]), [Portico], [Curios] and of course, my personal favorite, [Neil Cowley]!!!!!!

Plus Anthony's has cooked us up a piece on why he listens to so many different kinds of music.


P.S. [Phronesis]' leader, Jasper Hoiby, is actually a Dane living in London. No disrespect to anyone intended.

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This week on Facebook (VII)

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! For those of you who haven't heard the news, the Nextbop family just got a little larger. We're STOKED to bring in Anthony M. Dean-Harris to the website. He's kindly agreed to write an editorial for us once a week. Justin and I realize that there's only so many "That's SiCK!" or "It 'effing ROCKS!" that you guys can take, so we we've been looking for someone to bring more depth to Nextbop. Anthony sent me his first post yesterday and it 'effing ROCKS! (LOL!) So check him out every Thursday on! In the mean time, you can have a look at his [blog] and you can follow him on [Twitter]!

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Music Monday: December 28th 2009

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Sorry for the sporadic posting, but we're now back on schedule!