Psychic Temple – “Turn Off the Lights” (Video)

Next month, guitarist/bandleader/cult leader Chris Schlarb and his group, Psychic Temple, are releasing IV, the group’s fifth album (if you’re counting Psychic Temple Plays Music for Airports, which released shortly after III). More and more, the multi-genre music, so hard to nail down but so beautifully lush, expressive, and designed, particularly as Schlarb steps out more as a vocalist in his work, makes for what seem to be event albums to look forward to, and always fascinating calls for press attention. This studio video of the Psychic Temple playing “Turn Off the Lights” as part of that press cycle is among it. Check it out after the jump and hop on pre-ordering Psychic Temple IV before it drops July 14th on Joyful Noise.

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Tabor Allen – percussion
Dave Easley – pedal steel guitar
Danny Frankel – percussion
Steuart Liebig – electric bass
Terry Reid – vocals
Chris Schlarb – acoustic guitar, vocals
Chad Taylor – drums
John Clement Wood – Hammond organ

Produced by Chris Schlarb

IV, the upcoming new album from Chris Schlarb and the Psychic Temple, is out July 14th on Joyful Noise Records. You can pre-order it now at their website.