Petros Klampanis Group – “March of the Sad Ones” (Video)

We’ve spoken at length about our love of Gilad Hekselman’s This Just In. I’m pretty sure I’ve sung its praises on this page just a couple months ago. So it would seem only natural that compositions so strong would get some love elsewhere, so a version from sometime bandmate bassist Petros Klampanis would be particularly apt. Klampanis is set to release his upcoming album, Minor Dispute, with Hekselman on guitar, Jean-Michel Pilc on piano, percussionist Jon Hadfield, and a string quartet. It’s the string quartet that makes this take on Hekselman’s “March of the Sad Ones” just a touch more interesting. Watch video of the group performing this tune, string section and all, after the jump.

Bassist Petros Klampanis’ Minor Dispute releases April 14th on Inner Circle Music.