Kassa Overall & Emanuel Ruffler are Painting

Pianist Emanuel Ruffler and drummer Kassa Overall are together Painting— a freewheeling duo with a sound that seems to beckon from the corner of some far off dark room. Overall is always a joy to hear, whether he’s banging out a party with Johnny Butler, playing all classy with Geri Allen, or being an altogether swagtastic rapper. He can be such a chameleon behind the kit, even moreso as his shedding skills continue to grow to unforeseen heights. This new configuration has a lightness to it, reminiscent of Tyshawn Sorey’s work as a composer. Overall and the 1998 Thelonious Monk composer competition winner sound like a good pair, the kind of pair that only kindred souls working in Brooklyn would produce. Check out a couple tracks from their upcoming self-titled EP, out August 28, after the jump.

Emanuel Ruffler & Kassa Overall’s Painting is out August 28th on Rufftone Records.