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Vijay Iyer

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"By now, there can be no doubt that pianist-composer Iyer stands among the most daringly original jazz artists of the under-40 generation," writes Howard Reich in the Chicago Tribune. The American-born son of Indian immigrants, VIJAY IYER (pronounced "VID-jay EYE-yur") is a self-taught creative musician grounded in American jazz and popular forms, and drawing from a wide range of Western and non-Western traditions. He was described by The Village Voice as "the most commanding pianist and composer to emerge in recent years," by The New Yorker as one of "today's most important pianists... extravagantly gifted," and by the L.A. Weekly as "a boundless and deeply important young star."



In What Language?

2003 Pi
  • The Color of My Circumference I
  • The Density of the 19th Century
  • Terminal City
  • Rentals
  • Security
  • DeGaulle
  • TLC
  • Three Lotto Stories
  • The Color of My Circumference II
  • Iraqi Businessman
  • Taking Back the Airplane
  • The Color of My Circumference III
  • Innana After Baghdad
  • In What Language
  • Asylum
  • The Color of My Circumference IV
  • Plastic Bag