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Stephan Crump

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Memphis-bred bassist/composer Stephan Crump is a rising star on the New York music scene. As collaborator with mainstream jazz luminaries, downtown explorers, singer/songwriters and others, he has become known for the elegance and purposeful groove of his acoustic and electric bass playing. As a composer, he is emerging as a singular voice.



Poems and Other Things

1997 Papillon
  • Ashed Rain part I (for Vladek)
  • Away From, A Way To
  • Myriam's Waltz
  • Tears on Her Face
  • Eagle Pass
  • Migraine
  • Granny's Tacklebox
  • Morning
  • The Long Way Home (pour Maman)
  • Don't I?
  • And It Was Magic
  • Ashed Rain part II
  • Memories of Tomorrow