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Shimrit Shoshan

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“Undoubtedly jazz-gem,” ( Israeli-born pianist and composer Shimrit Shoshan began playing the organ and flute when she was 8 years old.Entirely self taught, Shimrit attended Israel’s prestigious Thelma Yellin School of the Arts.During her studies, she was drafted into the Israeli army, where Shimrit served as an “Excellent Musician," a title reserved for a select few, while continuing performing and studying under some of Israel’s top musicians including; Amit Golan, Shai Zalman, Ofer Ganor, Amos Hoffman, Avishai Cohen and Rea Barness.



Keep It Movin'

2010 Self Release
  • Shimmy n' You
  • Chamsa
  • Secret Identity
  • Keep it Movin'
  • Shwingin'
  • With the Birds
  • Skippy
  • Under the Influence