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Phronesis was created by Copenhagen-born/London-based bassist Jasper Høiby in Denmark in autumn 2005. Jasper released the Phronesis debut album in November 2007, on Loop Records, featuring swedish Magnus Hjorth on keys and Anton Eger on drums.

Since returning to London Høiby has reformed Phronesis with Ivo Neame on Piano and Anton Eger on drums, their music is fresh and exuberant wih strong melodic grooves, inspired by a world heritage of rhythms and sounds. Fresh young and sparkling, urban jazz.



Green Delay

2009 Loop
  • Abraham's New Gift
  • Blue Inspiration
  • Blackout
  • Green Delay
  • Rue Cinq Diamants
  • Love Song
  • Happy Notes
  • Five Songs Six Words
  • Summersault