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Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey

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Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey is a band founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma consisting of Brian Haas on piano, Josh Raymer on drums, Chris Combs on lap steel, and Jeff Harshbarger on double bass. To say that JFJO's music transcends boundaries and expands minds is an understatement. JFJO's music generates an all-encompasing sensory experience for the listener. Since 1994, the JFJO collective has brought their impressionistic and improvisational vision from the Midwest's Bible-Belt to many of the world's finest music festivals and clubs. Music lovers are blown away by JFJO's instrumental virtuosity and creativity, musical risk, and near telepathic communication on stage. Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey is the evolution of an ongoing musical discourse that's been developed during 16 years of touring. Starting out in Tulsa, OK as a funky octet with MCs and horns, JFJO became an instrumental trio in 1999 and a quartet at the end of 2008. The band is known for having invented it's own improvisatory language, one which has permeated JFJO's sound regardless of it's configuration.



Race Riot Suite

2011 Royal Potato Family
  • Prelude
  • Black Wall Street
  • The Burning
  • First Prayer
  • Mt. Zion
  • Lost In The Battle For Greenwood
  • Second Prayer
  • Grandfather's Gun
  • Cover Up
  • Third Prayer
  • Eye Of The Dove
  • Last Prayer