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Jacky Terrasson

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For his first album since 2003’s Smile, pianist Jacky Terrasson returns with heightened vitality on a superb solo outing, Mirror. The CD is a wide-ranging collection of re-envisioned standards, a jewel of a new standard and six song-like originals, all delivered with a spontaneous joie de vivre. His first solo project has been in a germination stage for several years, as he waited for the right time to undertake the daunting challenge of going it alone in the studio.



What It Is

1999 Blue Note
  • Sam's Song
  • What's Wrong With You
  • Little Red Ribbon
  • Better World
  • Toot-Toot's Tune
  • Money
  • Le Roi Basil
  • Baby Plum
  • Ravel: Bolero