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HEERNT's debut album, 'Locked in a Basement', is a statement from three adventurous young musicians that will demand an equal response from the jazz, indie rock, and electronic circles. Drummer Mark Guiliana, who "may well be at the forefront of an exciting new style of drumming" (Modern Drummer), founded HEERNT with the intention of reaching many audiences with important, unclassifiable music. 'Locked in a Basement' tells eleven stories in varied settings, including a garage jazz ruckus, an analog funk anthem, an outer space big band, and an epic chamber piece, all in HEERNT's unique voice.



Locked in A Basement

2006 Razdaz Records
  • Johnny2Rocketime
  • Locked In A Basement
  • Brown Bird, Olive Sloth, Green Dragon
  • Nice
  • Aaaahh..
  • make me dance, make me dance
  • Sea Urchin. See Urchin Run.
  • quick groove rolling
  • Love comma Mark
  • Pi ~ 3.1415
  • Brawling On Epic Landforms