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E.S.T. are a phenomenon: A jazz trio, which sees itself as a rock band that plays jazz, breaking with the tradition in jazz of having a leader and his sidemen in favour of equality within its members, which not only plays jazz-venues but also on stages at festivals and in venues usually reserved for rock bands. Lighting effects and dry-ice are also an integral part of their now-legendary live shows, this is a band that goes way beyond the normal boundaries of the average piano trio.



When Everyone Has Gone

1996 Dragon
  • When Everyone Has Gone
  • Fingertrip
  • Free Four
  • Stella by Starlight
  • 4 AM
  • Mohammed Goes to New York, Pt. 1
  • Mohammed Goes to New York, Pt. 2
  • Waltz for the Lonely Ones
  • Silly Walk
  • Tough Tough
  • Hands Off