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Yaron Herman September Newsletter + New Pics!!!

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There's magic in the amazing history of Israeli pianist Yaron Herman...

Yaron Herman was born in Tel Aviv on 12th July 1981. He started out on a promising career as a basketball player on the Israeli national junior team but a serious knee injury cut short his sporting ambitions. He only decided to take up playing the piano at the age of 16, with a method based on philosophy, mathematics and psychology. Totally unknown 5 years ago, Yaron Herman is now considered as one of the best young pianists of his generation. Both the media and his audience are very enthusiastic about him, not just in Europe but also further afield in Asia and North America. His popularity and his dazzling career to date confirm that he is an exceptional phenomenon, unique in the history of piano playing.

"Follow the white Rabbit" is Yaron's invitation to his first album on ACT, a reference to the mischievous character from Lewis Carrolís story, who leads Alice on an amazing journey down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. Yaron's Wonderland is all about music and piano. Without conceding to any particular facility, he knows how to abolish the conventions of musical genres, blurring the tracks and the boundaries of jazz improvisation, pop and classical counterpoint, all with an impish glee. Yaron's wonderland is an uninhibited novelty world, full of freshness, which seems to flow with an inexhaustible energy.`

Accompanied by the groovy Chris Tordini on bass and the swinging Tommy Crane on drums, the chemistry of this cosmopolitan trio is apparent from the very first notes, just as when they first met during a tour in Canada earlier in 2010. This immediate connection naturally led the trio to the studio to record this album, an adventure that will continue in the upcoming months with an impressive series of concerts. The White Rabbit has a bright future ahead of him, and with this album Yaron Herman confirms more than ever all the hopes and promises that were born of his previous records. This young generation of musicians is reinventing a beautiful landscape, with Yaron Herman on the crest of its wave. He is exploring a field of endless inspiration and magic, of unexpected synthesis from Radiohead to Nirvana through the classics of Walt Disney, or by borrowing standards from Israeli folklore, or giving free rein to his inspiration of the moment, captivating compositions written as pop standards.† This trio knows how to assimilate all the influences, all the energies, all the playgrounds of their time to reinvent their own musical language, one that is original, sincere and full of emotion. A real magic trick!


21/09/10 French Institute Tokyo Japan Yaron Herman Solo
22/09/10 Uchisaiwai-cho Hall Tokyo Japan Yaron Herman Solo
24/09/10 Rooms Fukuoka Japan Yaron Herman Solo
25/09/10 TBA Fukuoka Japan Yaron Herman Solo

01/10/10 Sendesaal - A tribute to Forberger's music Bremen Germany Yaron Herman Solo
07/10/10 Jazz à Gaveau Paris France Yaron Herman Trio
10/10/10 Théâtre de l'Onde Vélizy France Yaron Herman Solo
12/10/10 Scène Nationale le Cratère Ales France Yaron Herman Trio
20/10/10 Jazz sur son 31 Toulouse France Yaron Herman Solo
22/10/10 BIX Club Stuttgart Germany Yaron Herman Trio
23/10/10 Kulturforum Fürth Germany Yaron Herman Trio
28/10/10 Luz de Gas Barcelona Spain Yaron Herman in Dominic Miller's band

02/11/10 Résidence La Coursive La Rochelle France Yaron Herman + Quatuor Manfred
03/11/10 Unterfahrt Munchen Germany Yaron Herman Trio
07/11/10 Aalen Germany Yaron Herman in Dominic Miller's band
11/11/10 Athens Greece Michel Portal & Yaron Herman
12/11/10 Nevers Jazz Festival Nevers France Yaron Herman Trio + Quatuor Manfred
13/11/10 Birdland Neuburg Germany Yaron Herman Trio
15/11/10 London Jazz Festival London UK Yaron Herman Trio
25/11/10 Casa Sefarad Madrid Spain Yaron Herman Trio
26/11/10 Piano Jazz Festival Kalisz Poland Yaron Herman Trio

09/12/10 Wiener Konzert Haus Wien Austria Yaron Herman Trio
10/12/10 Scène Nationale la Passerelle Saint-Brieuc France Yaron Herman Trio
13/12/10 Sunside Paris France Yaron Herman Trio
14/12/10 Sunside Paris France Yaron Herman Trio
15/12/10 Sunside Paris France Yaron Herman Trio
16/12/10 Sunside Paris France Yaron Herman Trio
17/12/10 Argenton Sur Creuse France Yaron Herman Solo

04/02/11 Maison de la Culture Amiens France Yaron Herman Trio
05/02/11 Kultur Schuppen Klosters Switzerland Yaron Herman Trio
11/02/11 Junas France Yaron Herman Trio
03/03/11 Vooruit Gand Belgium Yaron Herman Trio
04/03/11 CC de Spil Rouselare Belgium Yaron Herman Trio
24/03/11 Concert Privé Bordeaux France Michel Portal & Yaron Herman
29/03/11 Rousset France Michel Portal & Yaron Herman
26/05/11 Fleury les Aubrais France Michel Portal & Yaron Herman