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When the Music Stops

Jared Bailey
Contributing Writer / @Popular_Strangr

A couple weeks ago, I watched an interview with Roy Hargrove with In this interview, Hargrove spoke on a couple of interesting topics. What really stuck out to me, though, was when Roy spoke on how he gives back to the jazz community. Hargrove explained that he goes out to the jam sessions whenever he can. I personally saw Roy at one at Bohemian Caverns last year after he played at the Kennedy Center.

As an aspiring jazz musician, I can understand exactly how important it is to go into the community of jazz and even show your face. It gives those who are playing this music a sense of hope that this music is still alive because, let’s be real, we all know how hard it is to advance jazz currently. In the same interview, Roy spoke on the fact that even he does not make as much money as one would think off of playing jazz music. If Roy Hargrove is saying that, then you know it has to be hard for regular Joe Schmo at Twins Jazz Club.

Anybody who knows me or at least read my previous pieces on Nextbop knows how much Christian Scott has influenced me. It’s funny because people are always cracking a joke about how I look up to him, but he was the first person I encountered who does what I want to do and actually shows some interest in advancing me as a musician. This is exactly what Roy is doing by going to local jam sessions.

To all of our successful (whatever that means) jazz musicians, the music you make has a direct effect on the destiny of jazz music. However, what is even more effective is your support towards the jazz community off of the bandstand and outside of the studio. The wisest thing I’ve heard on television was when Peter Parker’s uncle in Spiderman said “With great power comes great responsibility”. No you may not have spidey sense and web flying out of your wrists, but you are our super heroes, so please act accordingly. At the end of the day, what you do after the music stops is what will really last.

Jared Bailey is a trumpeter. His latest album can be found his Bandcamp page.