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We welcome the legendary Marcus Miller to Nextbop!!!!

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“Marcus is so hip and into the music that he even walks in tempo.” - Miles Davis

For once, I'm genuinely speechless. It is an unbelievable (I should say unbearable) honor to welcome [Marcus Miller] to Nextbop. The dude was hand-picked by Miles "Fucking" Davis to be one of the torchbearers of this art. Never would I have thought that Nextbop would be getting props from someone like him, when we first conceived this project over 3 years ago.

But ever since [our little misunderstanding] and [our public make-up hug], Marcus and his team have been NOTHING BUT SUPPORTIVE of our cause. I mean, Marcus' manager is inviting 9,000+ of his fans to our [Facebook Fanpage] ONE AT A TIME! That lady is a SAINT!

So what's the deal with Marcus? I never really paid much attention to him before. I knew he played with Miles in the 80s. I also listened A LOT to his M2 album when it first came out, but since then he sort of slipped off my radar. That's why I was ABSOLUTELY FLOORED when I saw his Tutu Revisited show a month or so ago. To be honest, the only reason I was there was to see [Christian Scott] play. BUT THAT SHOW WAS AMAZING!!! I even brought a friend of mine who only listens to Rap/Hip-Hop and HE FUCKING LOVED IT!

Afterwards, Marcus' manager reached out to me and the rest is history! I've been listening to all of Marcus' albums ever since and they're SiCK! What I find great about Marcus is that he's constantly evolving with the times. I think that how Miles would have wanted it.

Anyways, all that to say that his most recent projects are DEFINITELY his best to date. If you're in Europe or Japan, YOU MUST BUY Marcus' new album A Night in Monte-Carlo. It features a symphony orchestra, DJ Logic, Alex Han, Herbie Hancock, Roy Hargrove & Raul Midon. It's SiCK! Should be coming soon to the US.

Also, make sure to go see Marcus' Tutu Revisited if they're coming within a 3 hours drive of where you live. Hands down one of the best shows I've seen this year!!!!! There's also a DVD in the making, but I'll make sure to keep you all posted.

Best way to keep up to date with everything Marcus Miller (other than Nextbop)? Check out his [Official Facebook Fanpage] or his [Website] (which should be redesigned anytime now!).

In the mean time, listen to some Marcus Miller on da Nextplayer!!! It'll brighten up your day!!!

Peace out,