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We need your help!

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Just wanted to let you know how important this Christian Scott T-Shirt Fundraiser really is to us, so I hope that you’ll take the time to read this post. Nextbop will be turning two years old on July 1st and for now two years we’ve been running this website without a single dollar. Nonetheless, we do our very best to showcase the brightest young rising stars in jazz music five days a week.

I truly believe that we could do a lot more if we had just a little money to help pay for some journalists, photographers or filmmakers. This is why I came up with this T-Shirt idea. I thought it would be a cool opportunity for our fans to get a T-Shirt in exchange for a contribution to the website.

Well I talked to the guys at Ropeadope yesterday and turns out the sales are bad. I mean, really bad. If we don’t find a way to turn things around, we’re going to end up paying more in design and set-up fees than what we’ll make on the T-Shirt sales. Not the best fundraiser ever…

So here I am asking you for your support. If you value what we do here at Nextbop and if you’d like to see us grow into an even better website, consider getting yourself a Christian Scott T-Shirt HERE on the Ropeadope store. But do it now because the pre-sale won't be going on for much longer and we're only printing these once. You can even buy a few and give them to your friends and family! All kidding aside, this is your chance to give back. If you’ve discovered new artists on the site, if you’ve listened to our Gerald Clayton, Chris Dingman and Ben Williams album streams (the Ben Williams' one if still going on so check it out!), or if you just come here once in a while to kill time, then please think about it.

It would mean a great deal to us if you could share this post on your blogs and on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. We need to spread the word about this website so that more people discover new jazz music.

And finally, just wanted to remind you that we’re always looking for contributors. If you’d like to write or take photos or videos for us, you can send us an e-mail at info[at]nextbop[dot]com. We can’t pay you, but we can get you tickets to shows and festivals.

Thank you all for your help. It is truly appreciated.

Sebastien Helary