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Welcome to

Our goal.
We decided to create a website with the sole purpose of introducing new and youthful listeners to jazz music. We also believe that it is important for new jazz artists to have a platform that is entirely dedicated to their music given that other jazz medias usually combine their music with many different types of jazz. In this environment it becomes difficult for them to standout and to attract a new fan base.

Why Nextbop ?
Creating a website about jazz without using the word jazz seemed like a risky gamble at first. However, it was important for us to find a name that was free of any preconceptions or prejudice and this is why we came up with the term Nextbop. We believe this demonstrates our commitment to change the current image of jazz music and will also facilitate the introduction of jazz to a new generation of listeners.

Why a website ?
The idea stemmed from our desire to popularize current forms of jazz to a more mainstream audience. When introducing new jazz artists to friends, we immediately noticed their interest in the music. There was, however, no way for them to discover these artists given that traditional jazz medias are targeted towards more knowledgeable jazz aficionados.

How do we choose our artists?
All artists are carefully selected to ensure they appeal to our specific target audience. Even though we personally listen to all types of jazz music, our website focuses on artists who are most likely to attract new listeners to jazz. This is determined using focus groups made up of individuals who do not presently listen to this music.