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Tigran Hamasyan's 'Mockroot' out Jan. 26 on Nonesuch

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

Tigran is the shit. It's hard not to be that crass about it but his frenetic energy, his inventive ideas on the keys both acoustic and electric, his crazy sense of timing-- all these attributes evoke a rawness that just makes you want to curse. Tigran is the shit. We mentioned some months back that he was going to venture out more with his sound, leaning into even more electronic and dubby influences as he moves to the Nonesuch label. Now that time has come and Tigran Hamasyan is set to release his new album, Mockroot, on January 26th with Sam Minaie on bass and Arthur Hnatek on drums and electronics. Check out a video album teaser after the jump.

Mockroot, the new album from pianist Tigran Hamasyan, is out January 26 on Nonesuch Records.