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The Line-Up for 23 December 2016

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

I didn't quite know what to do in the lag from the conclusion of the Season of Lists and I didn't want to play Christmas music (especially since the stream would exist throughout this week and why play Christmas music in the week after Christmas?) so I went through my personal list of favorite jazz albums and put this show together in a jiffy. This does sort of make yet another batch of blurbs a bit difficult since how much more can I really say that I haven't said already in the lists? (So I didn't.) However, it continued the holiday cheer.

The Line-Up for 23 December 2016

Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - Best Friends Forever
Flying Lotus - Comet Course
Mast - The Night Drive feat. Tim Lefebvre & Josh Johnson
Ben Wendel - Doubt
Corey King - Ibaraki
Jonti - Twirligig
Logan Richardson - Mind Free
Jeff Parker - Cliché
Makaya - Diversions
Phronesis - 67,000 MPH
Grégoire Maret - Footprints
Jaimeo Brown Transcendence - 2113
Jonti - Pássaros
Stephan Crump's Rhombal -NoD for Nelson

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