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The Line-Up for 10 November 2017

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

This week's show has a lower vibe than usual. I'm not downtrodden or anything, that's just sort of the direction this show went. I think it works pretty well.

The Line-Up for 10 November 2017

Sam Newsome & Jean-Michel Pilc - In a Mellow Tone
I've still got Magic Circle on the brain and I'm making sure that it's getting on your brain to by putting it in the one spot.
Teebs - View Point
Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band - Traveling Mercies
This may have been the precursor for the continued vibe of the hour. I built a place for it.
Antonio Sanchez - Home
I'm plumbing the depths of all the songs off Bad Hombre in the library.
Blue Note All-Stars - Henya
I really like this arrangement of Akinmusire's song off Our Point of View.
Mndsgn - Sheets
Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet - Inter-Are
I went low-high-low in energy build this week. Guess where this pick is categorized.
Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah - Cages feat. Stephen Gladney
And with the release of The Emancipation Procrastination, CSaA has stayed freshly in rotation all year.
Mister Barrington - Helter's Kelter
Anat Cohen Tentet - Happy Song
I get a real kick out of this song.
Combsy - Joshua Tree
I'm getting into Combsy more now and will probably have thoughts about it soon.
Tony Allen - Woro Dance
This just keeps itself in my rotation.
THEESatisfaction - Wrong Turn
Miles Okazaki - Kudzu (Overture)
Heads up! The Season of Lists approaches!

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